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My daughter and I love taking karate classes at Universal Kempo Karate Westside Branch. Professor Stewart Levett and Mrs. Levett do an amazing job running this branch of the school.  All of their instructors are dedicated to explaining complex moves but making it fun at the same time. Every class has great balance between exercise, critical thinking, patience and discipline. They focus on teaching the importance of dedication, commitment and respect. We have been with the Westside Branch School for about two years and they have made us feel part of their family from the very start. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all that you have done for us through out the years.

Anna and Amaya Hernandez

A wonderful place to train. Everyone is friendly and encouraging. My son has gained in confidence and respect. I recommend the Westside branch to everyone!

LeAnne Starr

Our family faced a lot of choices when it came to martial arts schools. Many promising fast results and exciting rewards. What struck us most about Westside Universal Kempo was its emphasis on perseverance, responsibility, and community. Sure one can work their way up through the ranks, but more importantly is how the student's character develops as part of the process. It hasn't been fast or easy, but it has certainly been worth it. We are proud to say we are part of the Westside Universal Kempo tradition.

Rozx Gallegos

We chose The Universal Kempo Karate West Branch because they teach those skills and beyond.

Everyone treats you like family! The instructors are highly qualified and make the classes fun! They train each student to become a mental warrior. Along with the self-defense aspect, they learn about respect, loyalty and it provides them with an excellent form of exercise.

Deborah Mirkovich

For the past year our son, Jeremy, has been a student under Professor Stewart Levett’s instruction at Universal Kempo Karate School-Westside Branch. This has been an amazing experience for Jeremy. Professor Levett and his staff are well-trained professionals who the students really respect.

As a parent I am most impressed not only with the karate skills students learn, but with the life skills that are taught as well. Our son looks forward to every class. We have seen Jeremy mature in a positive way since becoming a student with Professor Levett. We recommend Universal Kempo Karate School-Westside Branch highly.

Matt and Jenny Amos

WOW! Before our family joined Universal Kempo Karate, we visited a few other Karate schools to find the best fit for our family; however, nowhere did we feel immediately as welcomed and valued as potential members of a martial arts school as we did at the Westside branch. The Levetts have truly dedicated themselves and their school to teaching especially kids and teens not only valuable self-defense skills, but more importantly, how to make smart life choices with regard to bullies, drugs, etc. This genuine love and respect for their students means a lot to our family, and Westside's instructors are the most dedicated and helpful you will meet anywhere. It is obvious that the entire school's passion is developing not only future black belt kids and adults, but also in teaching practical skills for dealing with life's challenges!

The Wood Family