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Junior Classes are fun and energetic. Kids learn respect of others and themselves while being instructed on Bully Defense techniques from both the standing and ground positions.  The use of controlled techniques allows the student to practice their skills in a safe, controlled environment.

Our Instructors are skilled in teaching self defense from ages four to adult.

What You'll Learn

> Becomes Toned, strong and flexible

> Develops dexterity and motor skills

> Learns to overcome their fears and challenges

> Discovers how to pay attention so they can become better learners.

> Develop laser focus, self control and self discipline

> Plus, learns to achieve physical and academic greatness


> Bully prevention, preparation and protection

> How to say “NO” to negative peer pressure.

> Basic escape strategies

> How to communicate with authority and confidence

> How to defuse a tormentor

> Staying calm and in control

> Teaching kids about stranger danger

Kempo Kids Karate for Pee Wee's (ages 4-6 years)

Kempo Kids Karate for Youth (ages 7 years and older)